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Your legal needs are what concern us.


It can be a harrowing experience to be arrested or charged with an offence. Getting timely representation and putting up a robust, accurate Defence to the Attorney-General’s Chambers, Investigating Officer and the Courts is in your best interests, to optimise likelihood of a favourable outcome and early resolution of your case.

Vinit’s experience and our able support team see to it that you receive the full spectrum of work that your case needs. We provide and have achieved success in legal representation for persons facing charges for white-collar offences involving allegations of Fraud, Corruption and Criminal Breach of Trust, and others involving allegations of Murder, Drug offences, Sex crimes and Road Traffic offences, in the High Court and the State Courts.


Every divorce case is personal. Every situation is unique, and you deserve special time and attention for your case. We ensure your needs are heard and acted upon.

The process of divorce can be a reasonably straightforward procedure, or it can be contested and protracted.


We will be with you every step of the way, advising you and acting in your best interests, and keeping you informed of what is happening, always ready to answer your questions simply and directly.


It is our job to ensure that you see us not just as your lawyers, but as partners in your divorce and the ancillary matters.


We provide you with the right mix of experience and litigation skills to ensure that, no matter what the nature of your case, you receive the most able representation in Court to maximise recovery of what is owed to you.

We pride ourselves in offering quality service which includes :

  • Professional advice on contemplated claims

  • Well-crafted letters of demand that convey your claim clearly and succinctly

  • Properly formulated pleadings to ensure that your position is best put forward to give the Court a clear picture of what you have been through and what you deserve in the interests of fairness and justice

  • Advice if there is scope for mediation or any other form of alternative dispute resolution

  • Advice on whether it is appropriate to make and/or accept any offer at any stage of the proceedings


Being involved in an accident, whether on the road or elsewhere, can be a traumatic experience. Knowing your rights and acting early is important to ensure you are fully compensated for your injuries and how they affect your personal and working life.


We help you from start to finish, from writing to your doctor to preparing your documents and filing your claim in Court and seeing your case through to its end, until the Court’s final award of damages.


Making a Will gives you the peace of mind to know that, if something happens to you, your assets and belongings, in monetary or other form, will be distributed among the persons of your choice, and according to your intentions.


When a loved one passes away, with or without a Will, the law requires an application for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration before the deceased loved one’s assets can be divided. This application has to be filed in Court, which we will do for you and see through to its end, until the final Court Order is obtained.


Need to change your name? We provide this service, at competitive rates and at an appointment time convenient to you.

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